The continuous effort of the society for a better health represents an overwhelming human and economic burden. Only in Europe this effort accounts for more than 10% of the GDP (more than 1.5 thousand billion euro) and this is projected to increase to 14% by 2050 unless costs are contained.

There is one main challenge for every existing model of healthcare aiming at better and healthier living for all humans: The optimum balance of the three components of the so called Iron Triangle of Healthcare.

  • Quality for the value and the outcome of the care of a healthcare system,
  • Access for anyone when he needs care and
  • Affordable Cost for the patients and payers

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-performance Computing (HPC) can positively optimize that balance.

The large-scale, privacy respecting, processing of health data coming from different data storage, with advanced statistical methods for handling missing data will facilitate healthcare policy making and more effective personalized measures.

Healthy living depends on:

  • Lifestyle of each individual that can be supported by Mobile Health (mHealth) technologies building on nutrition, physical activity and other data to prevent therapy needs.
  • Understanding of the aetiologies and underlying mechanisms of many diseases by studying the complex interactions of many parameters will help early detection.
  • Personalized Medicine can be achieved by the analysis of huge amounts of combinations of genetic and environmental data, therapies and outcomes with High Performance Genome Analysis supported by high performance computing. HPGA will make possible the selection of the best therapy by comparing whole genomes of patients against other selected groups of individuals. Pharmacogenomics seek to understand how differences in genes and their expression affect the body’s response to medications.

The efficiency of a healthcare system can also be improved by the evaluation of data related to total patient cost, optimizing workflows, infection prevention, prediction and control and home care.

Healthcare data challenges deal with Privacy, Ethics and Security issues and Technology Issues as well, like data quality, computing power, multi-modal data processing and patient generated data, data integration, interoperability standards, advanced machine learning and reinforcement learning and real time analytics among others.

ahedd’s expertise and technical innovation, empowered by the synergies offered by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) European i-spaces federation can be traced through the large number of related initiatives, such as the iASis, BigMedilytics and BioAsq Horizon projects and the Hellenic Network for Precision Medicine. What is more, founding members of the Hub organize events for precision medicine, like the Precision Medicine Symposium. Relevant Market Sectors

  • Hospitals/Clinicians
  • Health public policies bodies

Actions & Services

  • Machine learning and NLP techniques for analysing large heterogeneous health data and turn them into actionable knowledge
  • Big Data Management
  • Electronic Health Records (HER) analysis

Business Partners

Hellenic BioCluster (HBio) is the first biosciences cluster in Greece bringing together the innovation leaders of Greece in the sectors of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Medical Devices and Specialist Services.

Biovista is a drug repositioning company established in 1993 with offices in Charlottesville VA, USA and Athens, Greece. Biovista’s repositioning programs leverage the company’s technology platform to identify suitable drugs and reposition them in isolation or in combination with other drugs to therapeutic areas that are currently not covered by existing products.

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