The implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies in media and culture can help automate tasks and increase productivity, make informed decisions based on data analytics and engage the end-users with personalised content and immersive experiences (among others).


Journalism is “under siege”: From being the main gateway for delivering what happened overnight, now the mass media must compete with the vast amount of user-generated content and new forms of online journalism. The side effects are already visible: citizens are overwhelmed with the vast amount of available information and sources, with the levels of trust diminishing as the contradiction among “alternative realities” offered by diverse sources increases. Phenomena like the increasing use of populism in public dialogue, fake news, information bubbles, intensified with the lack of provenance as news spread all over the social Web, pose significant obstacles to citizens accessing information, despite the abundance in accessing data.

Equipped with an extensive portfolio of expertise and state-of-art technologies, ahedd can provide innovative solutions to many of the aforementioned problems, helping journalists and the mass media industry to better address the needs of the society for information that stems from real facts and data that can be traced, verified and finally trusted.

ahedd’s expertise and technical innovation can be traced through a large number of related initiatives and publicly available services, such as the YDS platform, gov.insight, and tools produced in the context of the Open Journalism Google DNI project.

What is more, ahedd:

  • strengthens news pluralism through NewSum (automatic news summarization from multiple sources);
  • organises events and hackathons in Data Journalism;
  • participates in and co-organizes events within the Athens Democracy Forum along with The New York Times and journalists from EU countries.

Relevant Market Sectors

  • News Associations
  • Publishers
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Media Management


The cultural sector is still lagging in digitalisation and digitisation, offering great potential for the adoption, integration and provision of new technologies. Citizens, customers and tourists are expecting high-quality cultural services that will take their experience to the next level, while the sector itself can benefit from AI-enabled processes and data-driven insights. Examples of such offerings can be virtual tours of cultural heritage, interactive museum visits, personal recommendations and modern ticketing systems.

ahedd has extensive expertise ranging from the digitisation of historical manuscripts (through advanced OCR technologies that intelligently restore content that has been destroyed) and the design and development of virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) touring environments for museums and cultural heritage sites (such as the virtual reconstruction and touring guide for the Knossos Minoan palace) to the personalised recommendation of music.

Relevant Market Sectors

  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Media Management
  • Music and movie productions

Actions & Services

  • News Summarisation
  • Consulting on Policy Formulation
  • Fact-Checking
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Music analysis (genres, moods, styles) and recommendation
  • Speaker diarisation
  • Speech Analysis (emotion/mood, speaking style)
  • Online video analysis (harmful/violent content)
  • Artistic photography analysis
  • Movie recommendation based on content analysis
  • Augmented reality and interactive applications for museums and exhibitions
  • Cultural heritage preservation and promotion

Business Partners

  • SciFY: Science For You develops AI tools like i) NewSum for news summarisation, offered for free as a mobile app and exploited by international news sites and and ii) newsdynamo developed for Bodosaki Foundation aiming to better disseminate information to Citizens.
  • ATC: Athens Technology Center (ATC) designs, provides and supports pioneer products and services to help organisations achieve optimal results from their software infrastructure. Its news asset suite is a cross-media and multi-channel publishing platform that helps editors and journalists achieve full automation of their workflow while publishing content anywhere with only one click.
  • Athens-Macedonian News Agency: The Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency (ANA-MPA) has a presence in the media sector that extends for more than a century. ANA-MPA produces, collects, edits and disseminates domestic and international news items and photographs, as well as radio and television material for distribution to media outlets in Greece, Cyprus, numerous third countries and the Greek diaspora.

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