April 04, 2022

An AI Chatbot for Healthcare Professionals | A case study of MSD

MSD has launched, as part of its MSD Salute programme in Italy, a chatbot for physicians, powered by AI and machine learning. It has already achieved a large uptake with healthcare professionals in Italy. The programme’s sector of focus is immune-oncology.

The Problem

From the MSD prospective, physicians are digital consumers looking for relevant information for their professional activity. Some key factors like the increase of media availability, mobile devices penetration and the decrease of time available, are resulting in a reduction of time spent navigating and searching on the web. Therefore users (and physicians with their pragmatic approach) read what they see and do not navigate as much but just ‘read and go’.

This means that there is an urgent need to access content quickly, easily and efficiently.

The Solution

The chatbot is developed in partnership with Facebook and runs on their Messenger app framework. As an easy and practical tool, it helps to establish a conversational relationship between the users. The MSD Italy ChatBot service is available only for registered physicians. Integration with Siri and other voice recognition systems is also worked on, to improve the human experience during the interaction with the chatbot. This initiative is a key item in MSD Italy’s digital strategy which focuses on new channels and touch-points with healthcare professionals, leveraging on new technologies.

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