Harnessing Data Analytics and AI to Transform Mountain Tourism | A case study of DIH4CPS

The landscape of mountain tourism in Europe is experiencing significant shifts as industry leaders embrace the digital age. Recognizing the transformative potential of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI),

Empowering Energy Management with Advanced Technologies | A Use Case of Siemens Energy and Percepto

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous systems, have ignited transformative shifts across numerous sectors. One industry at the forefront of these changes is energy management. A significant...

Climate risk assessment for agriculture insurance using Big Data and AI

In the context of the EUH4D project, Amigo, an Italian SME providing climate services such as climat...

An ontology-based skill recommender system for job matching

In the context of the EUH4D project, BlockchainX AB, a Swedish tech startup, cooperates with a...

AI & Computer Vision in the Agri-Food Sector | A case study of DIH4CPS

CPS4AGRI is an application experiment, developed in the context of the DIH4CPS project. This solution is going to help attract and accelerate the digitalisation of the agri-fo...

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