May 30, 2023

Harnessing Data Analytics and AI to Transform Mountain Tourism | A case study of DIH4CPS

The landscape of mountain tourism in Europe is experiencing significant shifts as industry leaders embrace the digital age. Recognizing the transformative potential of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) CCI des Vosges/Quai Alpha, the French Ski School (ESF), and the University of Lorraine (UL) have embarked on a groundbreaking collaborative project. Their goal? To tackle major challenges that the sector currently faces, such as the dominance of non-European online travel agencies and the sector’s fragmented nature. By leveraging cutting-edge data analytics and AI techniques, they plan to create a robust, equitable, and sustainable tourism ecosystem that could serve as a model for similar industries around the world.

The Challenge

  • Non-European Agency Dominance: Large non-European online travel agencies hold significant control over the market, resulting in limited access to¬† reliable, up-to-date and qualified, public tourist data
  • Fragmented Industry: There exists a stark imbalance in the distribution of benefits within the industry. Professionals’ success is often determined by their geographical location and the degree of their digital connectivity, which creates disparities.

The Solution

Together, ESF, DIH CCI des Vosges/Quai Alpha, and UL are developing a sophisticated digital platform that integrates data-driven methods and AI technologies. The key features of this platform include:

  • Data Collection: Deploying cyber-physical systems across various mountain environments, the platform gathers a wide array of data, including insights from different companies, forest environments, ski slopes, mountain cities, and users of tourist infrastructures
  • Dynamic Knowledge Base: The platform houses an evolving knowledge base that effectively stores and organises the collected data. This knowledge base is designed to expand and improve continually, fed by the continuous inflow of fresh data
  • AI-Enabled Profiling: At the core of the platform is a state-of-the-art profiling algorithm powered by AI. This algorithm continually analyses the data, refining and improving customer profiles to ensure a steady stream of useful, actionable insights
  • Data-Driven Insights for Professionals: The platform features a professional module that processes the collected data to generate precise, valuable reports for industry professionals. These reports, grounded in solid data, provide insights about client behaviour and preferences, empowering professionals to optimise their services
  • Personalised Tourist Experiences: A tourist module within the platform collects data directly from tourists. It then processes this data to offer personalised services and suggestions for activities in the surrounding environment, thereby significantly enhancing the tourists’ experiences.

By harnessing the power of data and AI, this initiative aspires to create a more integrated, equitable, and sustainable marketplace in the mountain tourism sector. The improved tourist experience and robust professional support promised by the project could spur fair growth and development in the industry, setting new standards for the future.


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