May 29, 2023

Empowering Energy Management with Advanced Technologies | A Use Case of Siemens Energy and Percepto

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous systems, have ignited transformative shifts across numerous sectors. One industry at the forefront of these changes is energy management. A significant player in this field, Siemens Energy, operating in over 90 countries and employing over 90,000 people, is keen on fostering a more sustainable world while catering to the increasing global demand for energy. With a forward-thinking approach, Siemens Energy is harnessing cutting-edge technologies to bridge the gap to the future of energy systems.

The Challenge

One of Siemens Energy’s power plants based in Israel, a natural gas facility producing 73 megawatts, faced a major challenge – ensuring 100% availability. Falling short of their daily production goals could lead to significant commercial risks. Traditionally, manual walk-throughs were conducted to ensure proper plant operation, and they were necessary to detect issues that needed attention. The team aimed to expedite this process, identifying issues faster while also maintaining a high standard of employee safety.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, Siemens Energy collaborated with Percepto, a leading provider of autonomous inspection and monitoring solutions. Their approach included:

  • Implementing automated fault detection to facilitate early detection of faults and issues
  • Providing post-mission reports with actionable insights generated by sophisticated AI and deep learning algorithms
  • Deploying on-site autonomous drones for frequent, unmanned, and safer plant inspections
  • Utilising autonomous inspection & monitoring technology for monitoring activities during plant shutdowns.

Through these solutions, Siemens Energy not only managed to minimise downtime and enhance productivity but also made strides in ensuring the safety of their employees. The significant benefits garnered from this technology integration have encouraged Siemens Energy to scale up Percepto’s technology globally, reaffirming their dedication to a more sustainable and efficient energy future.


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