September 04, 2020

Data Management System Integration in The Health Sector | Case of José de Mello Saúde

In less than a year, the Portuguese Group of Hospitals and Clinics, José de Mello Saúde integrated and transformed its outdated websites. These properties passed under a single data management system. The digital transformation gave access centrally for content modifications and updates.

This autonomy improved the quality of services and created important benefits for the organization. Web traffic raised by 95%, and online appointments followed by 151%. On top of that, the business could apply updates and content changes with its own resources. This led to decreased costs from third-partner fees. Also updating content centrally has proved to be a lot more time-efficient and effective for the business.


The problem
The problem

Why Outdated Management Systems Was a Problem?

José de Mello Saúde provides services in the health sector for more than 50 years. It has many facilities and thousands of health professionals to serve the public.

Customers had some complaints about outdated medical records and online information was missing. Also, the data system wasn’t at all mobile-friendly for users. Management and maintenance of the whole data system were conducted by a third partner.

This was a risky situation and given the fact that data is too sensitive. Only a few mistakes and the credibility of José de Mello Saúde would collapse.

The solution
The solution

What Were The Solution Capabilities?

• Data Management Integration System
• Customers Personal Data System
• Real-time alliance with the systems’ back-end
• Scheduling Appointments Live App
• Multilingual Setup
• Micro-sites developer to assist promotional activities

Modern health service providers should offer useful and updated information to the public. The new data management system provides adequate content per specialty or disease. Customers can search by using filters in any medical case they want. After finding the information they want, they can apply online for an appointment.

Customers can get the information they want and they can schedule 24/7 an appointment with the respective doctor from the comfort of their home. José de Mello Saúde has access to valuable and real-time data to make management decisions. Costs decreased and customer satisfaction increased.


The Result Of This Digital Transformation

José de Mello Saúde had set a few important goals and achieved them with this digital transformation. The provider had to offer an amazing experience for its users. They wanted the flexibility to handle their own data. Also, they aimed to bring more innovative features for the users and to have a modern online presence.

The results from these objectives were significant for the business. The online digital marketing group’s reputation inside the organization has climbed. Now they can follow requests from individual hospitals in less than 5 minutes.

Below you may check the positive effect in bullets:
• Website traffic increased by over 95%
• Scheduling increased by 151%
• 20 websites and data management systems integrated into 1 sophisticated Content Management System
• All information is easy to access by clients within only a few clicks
• A unified view of clients MyChart section
• Content changes are autonomously done by marketing in minutes
• Integrated with current back-end systems

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