Case Study Category: Industry

An AI Chatbot for Healthcare Professionals | A case study of MSD

MSD has launched, as part of its MSD Salute programme in Italy, a chatbot for physicians, powered by AI and machine learning. It has already achieved a large uptake with healthcare professionals in Italy. The programme’s sector of focus is immune-oncology.

The Prob...

AI for industrial operations | A case study of Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has used AI and machine learning in various sectors. In the oil and gas industry for example, AI is used for the operation of the Realift rod pump, which brings a new level of fluid recovery and cost reduction to oil & gas productions in new and e...

AI for data analysis on traffic safety | A case of TNO & Google

TNO is one of the partners of InDeV, an international collaboration of researchers which was created to develop new ways of measuring traffic safety. The main objective InDev is to develop a tool-box for in-depth analysis of accident causation based on a combined use of...

IBM Watson Cognitive Computing

It's widely known that IBM Watson is supplying a batch of tools for interacting with consumer and order control systems. Back in 2016, the website introduced GWYN which is Gifts When You Need, this action stated by the business as a gift concierge power...

Drone Applications for Agriculture

It is known that, in the last years, drone applications in projects across the globe have boomed. More specifically PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates the global market for drone applications at $127.3 billion (2016). These studies forecast that consumption of agricult...

AI-enable cost reduction in Manufacturing

A Challenging Environment

Similarly to most industries, manufacturing has to deal with fierce global rivalry, productivity, lower-priced imports, domestic cots, and productivity. Given the fact that the global economic environment remains significantly unstabl...

Data Management System Integration in The Health Sector | Case of José de Mello Saúde

In less than a year, the Portuguese Group of Hospitals and Clinics, José de Mello Saúde integrated and transformed its outdated websites. These properties passed under a single data management system. The digital transformation gave access centrally for content modifica...

A novel ecosystem for sharing healthcare data across Europe – The European Medical Information Framework (EMIF)

EMIF is the European Medical Information Framework project brought by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations. This project created a framework to govern and simple technology to identify, evaluate, and (re)utilize data within the healthcar...

Digital Transformation Saved $1 Million In 12 Months | The Case of Oakland

Digital transformation creates huge benefits for organizations and cities too. Smart cities or cities with better digital services can offer a lot more to their citizens. Public services at the City of Oakland weren't effective for r...