Innovative AI Workshops for the National Council for Radio and Television | AI Pioneer & AI Explorer

ahedd DIH continues to offer innovative, tailor-made Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshops to businesses and organisations, focusing on enhancing their digital and entrepreneurial skills as part of their digital transformation journey.

In this context, in September and October 2023, the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) participated in two customised AI workshops, namely “AI Foundations – The AI Explorer” and “Leading AI – Empowered innovation – The AI Pioneer”, both hosted at Demokritos premises.

The first 1-day workshop in September, AI Foundations – The AI Explorer, was attended by a team of 10 participants from NCRTV, who delved into the fundamentals of AI. They explored the essential question, “What is AI?” and the possibilities of “What can AI do for your organisation?”. The participants engaged in in-depth discussions on AI applications and use cases, identifying potential opportunities for AI integration within the organisation’s operations.


During the second 2-day workshop in October, “Leading AI – Empowered Innovation – The AI Pioneer“, another team of 10 participants from NCRTV gained an understanding of how AI can be successfully integrated into specific, real-world use cases. Additionally, the participants were equipped with a comprehensive skillset to understand, implement, and communicate the transformative potential of AI, allowing them to integrate AI into product development, service design, and internal processes.

Both workshops were led by ahedd experts, Denia Kanellopoulou and Thodoris Giannakopoulos, who offered the participants valuable insights and in-depth knowledge to craft a strategic roadmap for utilising AI in their operations. Each workshop was customised to meet the organisation’s unique needs and objectives, ensuring a personalised and impactful learning experience.

About the organisation

The National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) is a Greek independent administrative authority, established in 1989. It is responsible for supervising and regulating the broadcasting sector, ensuring compliance with Greek law and the European Commission’s “Television without Frontiers” directive. NCRTV’s mission is to promote freedom of expression, pluralism, and the broadcasting of reliable, fair and balanced information. The council is organised into four divisions: legality and licensing, transparency and competition supervision, program quality and human rights protection, and administrative and technical services.


What people said

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It is a useful tool in order to understand the world around us and the world in the near future. We learn about the basic structure of AI so we can interpret realistically its applications and its limitations.>

Participant, The AI Pioneer workshop
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Well organised and scientifically well-structured, friendly to beginners.>

Participant, The AI Explorer

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