This workshop intends to provide a quick familiarization with Artificial Intelligence concepts, applications and use cases.

Skills you will develop

The participants of this program will gain the knowledge and skillset, allowing them to:

  • Explain important AI concepts, terms & tasks
  • Have a common language and understanding of AI across teams & disciplines
  • Identify AI Applications and potential Use Cases


Building the AI vocabulary

  1. What is AI? What is not AI? What can AI do for you?
  • AI and related terms
  • Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Data Analytics, …
  • AI tasks 

Exploring AI applications

  1. Applications, Use Cases and Discussion  
  • Monitoring, evaluation risk assessment
  • Communication management
  • Customer analysis & predictive sales optimization
  • Intelligent knowledge management
  • Data management and enrichment
  • Information summarization
  • other…

Identifying AI opportunities in your Company/Organisation (Hands-on)

  1. Enhancing existing or providing new products/services with AI 

What you will take away

  • A list of AI uses cases

          We identify and elaborate on use cases where AI can be implemented and benefit the Company/Organisation and (if applicable) its clients/network/ecosystem.

  • A certificate of attendance

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