August 19, 2020

IBM Watson Cognitive Computing

It’s widely known that IBM Watson is supplying a batch of tools for interacting with consumer and order control systems. Back in 2016, the website introduced GWYN which is Gifts When You Need, this action stated by the business as a gift concierge powered by AI technologies.

Using data by customer profile about the gift receiver, this technology suggests a gift idea by making comparisons of preferences from gifts bought by similar customer profiles.

We are going to include a thorough post about GWYN on chatbot use cases but this AI application created to imitate the function of a concierge that is always there to help and suggest the best gift for customers. Online sales were increased by 70% according to C. Mc Cann and these orders fulfilled in 2 months via the Website.

This self-learning machine created by IBM Watson was applied from North Face to assist buyers to decide the most suitable jacket according to personal preferences like gender and location.

For instance, sailing in Greece in July and commuting to Montreal in February will generate a differing outcome.

Pilot results from 2015 indicate a 60% improvement in Click Through Rate and more than 70% better conversions. These amazing results have been yielded from 55,000 users.

It is essential to mention that in order to understand whether this outcome is more or less than the company’s standard performance or it will remain in the long-run or are simply motivated by novelty in the user interface continuous analysis of the buying patterns and overall customer response needs to be performed.

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