May 19, 2021

An e-filing system for modernising operations

In order to comply with legislative requirements as well as fulfil the Organisations vision of modernisation, OBI (the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation) decided to adopt an e-filing system. Note that OBI is the only legally qualified institution for the protection of inventions and industrial designs in Greece. OBI’s management viewed this challenge as an opportunity and decided to address it with open methodologies and technologies instead of with a single application.


The solution
The solution

How Ahedd Helped in This Case – The Solution

The role of ahedd

In each business case, ahedd identifies the need of the client and conducts a business analysis. Then, this need is matched to the technological competencies of one or more partners of its ecosystem. Working as a united entity, the client is provided with a single point of contact to build trust and facilitate all communication.

The solution

In this case, ahedd matched the business need of OBI to the technological excellence of the Internet Systematics Lab (ISLab) of NCSR Demokritos, one of the first Network Labs in Greece, formed in the mid-’80s and pioneering Networking in Greece.

ahedd and ISLab investigated the whole process and involved managers and end-users in the analysis to determine that the solution would be effective and tailored to the specific needs. Then, they proposed the gradual adoption of open license tools to address a broad spectrum of OBI’s needs and serve openness and interoperability in general.

ISLab revisited all processes and modelled them in bonita. For the interface was chosen as a reliable and very intuitive toolkit, while alfresco was chosen as the document management environment. All tasks were performed using agile SCRUM methodologies.

The results

As expected in all automation and digitalisation projects, there is a reluctance to accept the new processes. In fact, a change of mentality is required and this is where the agile methodologies play an important role in allowing both analysts and users to converge to the requirements and prevent them from common loopholes and from wasting their resources. 

In this case, employees as well as external users, consisting mainly of lawyers, law offices and individuals, adapted to the new system really quickly, as their needs were carefully taken into account and addressed.

What people said

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CyberStream took over the provision of corrective and evolutionary maintenance services to OBI, for the e-filing platform delivered by ahedd, in April 2020. We experienced a smooth and professional transfer process and discovered a system engineered to detail with several aspects of innovation. Overall, the system lays the foundation for supporting many processes related to the transactions of end-users with OBI and can be modified to accommodate any future needs.

Zissis Lioupas, General Manager, CyberStream
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