AI Industry Connect Talks: Wappier

Wappier was hosted in the AI Industry Connect Talks, for the month of September. The series are organised by SKEL | The AI lab, Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR Demokritos and supported by ahedd DIH. The talk was held online on Wednesday 14 September 2022, at 14.00 with invited speaker Konstantinos Chandrinos, Director of Data Engineering and Analytics at Wappier.

Talk title: AI/ML applications for price optimisation in Mobile Games

Abstract: Global Pricing is a program that optimises the in-app purchase prices per country using machine learning, resulting in more payers, more transactions, and more revenue. Promotional Pricing is a program that optimises special offer prices on a per-user basis. Promotional Pricing uses machine learning to predict each player’s price sensitivity and likelihood to purchase and chooses the right moment to optimise the price of an in-game offer.

Wappier is the leading revenue optimisation provider for mobile apps and games. Wappier’s technology takes advantage of a powerful AI engine that analyses billions of data facts every day and delivers the next best action to drive payer conversion and player engagement.


The AI Industry Connect Talks series was launched in March 2021 by SKEL | The Artificial Intelligence Lab, Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR Demokritos and is supported by ahedd Digital Innovation Hub. Through this series of talks, we aim to bring AI innovation to the forefront and inform wider audiences of the endless possibilities. Domain professionals tell us how the Industry applies scientific results in real-life.

A Q&A session follows the presentations. The sessions are live-streamed via Zoom and on YouTube.

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