AI Ecosystem Forum 2023 – AI-on-Demand platform & (E)DIHs

The Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Forum 2023 will take place on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 June 2023, at NCSR Demokritos campus in Athens, Greece.

This two-day event, organised by the ICT49-AI4Copernicus project that Demokritos is coordinating, will bring together key players from the AI community, including stakeholders of the AI-on-Demand Platform, SMEs leading the winning projects of the AI4Copernicus Open Calls, European Commission (EC) representatives, policymakers and VCs from the industry. It aims to discuss the future direction of the domain, emerging trends and policy-related issues.

AI-on-Demand Platform & (E)DIHs

The AI-on-Demand Platform (AIoD), a key action of the EC, aims to empower European research and innovation in AI, building on the results from the project implementing the AI-on-demand preparatory action (Pre-PAI) and other relevant projects (such as ICT-49 projects and AI4Europe). The platform aims to offer diverse support services to DIHs and EDIHs, including access to AI tools, funding opportunities, best practices and networking.

The Pre-PAI project

The Pre-PAI project (Preparation for the development of the AI-on-demand platform), funded by the European Commission, performs a series of consultations and surveys to create a blueprint for the European AIoD platform. ahedd is actively participating in Pre-PAI by reaching a wide range of stakeholders in Greece (SMEs & Large Industries, DIHs & EDIHs) and in Europe (SMEs and the 5 TEFs) to get further insights on their specific requirements of the AIoD platform.

The Agenda and registration information are available here.

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