ahedd’s initiative “1000 Pioneers for AI in Greece” at the UNESCO’s IRCAI Top 100 AI projects

The “1000 Pioneers for AI in Greece” initiative was recognised by the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO (IRCAI) and included in the Global Top 100 International list of Artificial Intelligence solutions for Sustainable Development for the Benefit of Humanity. IRCAI’s global list features 100 projects that focus on applicable solutions to address real-life problems related to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its main objective is to identify and showcase solutions from around the world, contributing to the SDGs and creating the world’s largest platform for sustainable solutions.

The “1000 Pioneers for AI in Greece” initiative

ahedd, in collaboration with its partner SciFY, has developed the 1000 Pioneers for AI in Greece initiative that aims to create an active community of pioneer innovators in Greece who will possess the knowledge and skills to understand AI and innovate using it. Additionally, the team aims to assist in the co-creation of human-centric AI policies and solutions, with a significant emphasis on ethics and the concept of “AI for good”.

The programme offers trainings to citizens and professionals conducted by SciFY, innovation-focused workshops to companies provided by ahedd and a supportive community of researchers, experts, consultants, that will explore various learning & networking opportunities. Currently, approximately 100 individuals and organisations have already been trained and we remain committed to assist them in networking and fostering innovation.

Leading AI-empowered Innovation – The AI Pioneer training

ahedd offers the “Leading AI-empowered Innovation – The AI Pioneer” training program to companies interested in starting their digital transformation journey. This program has been created to raise awareness about AI technologies and their application in business products and operational processes. It empowers business executives and (tech or non-tech) officers to understand how AI can be successfully integrated into specific use cases and enables them to design a strategic roadmap for implementation.

Additionally, participating companies gain membership in the active community of “1000 Pioneers for AI in Greece”. This membership provides access to a network where collaborations and ideas exchange with like-minded professionals and AI experts are fostered.

By joining our training program, companies can harness the potential of AI, boost their operational efficiency and become part of a vibrant AI ecosystem.

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