ahedd participates in the Data Spaces Business Alliance Hubs

ahedd is a member of the Data Spaces Business Alliance Hubs, a global network of nearly 90 Hubs spanning across 34 countries. The primary objective of this alliance is to accelerate business transformation in the data economy and establish itself as a crucial asset for engaging multiple stakeholders from both the public and private sectors (in particular SMEs).

ahedd contributes to the alliance as a Gold BDVA i-Space, that provides support to SMEs and start-ups to get their data-driven and AI-related services, products and applications quickly tested, piloted, and exploited.

About the Data Spaces Business Alliance Hubs

The Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) was launched in September 2021 as a collaborative effort between four European associations: Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL), BDVA – Big Data Value Association, FIWARE Foundation, and International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). The allience has a common goal of accelerating business transformation in the data economy, and one of the key working areas of collaboration is supporting the existing organisations and data spaces by pooling their tools, resources, and expertise in a focused way. The cooperation of theses Hubs enables the creation of synergies and the potential for greater impact. By uniting industry players and stakeholders, the DSBA strives to realise a data-driven future where organisations and individuals can fully unlock the value of their data. Through this collaborative effort, the Alliance works to raise awareness, promote technological advancements, shape industry standards, and facilitate integration across various sectors.

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