The Internet of Things revolution is bringing the physical and digital world closer.┬áThe world’s biggest companies have been working towards enabling devices to connect to the Internet and become “smart”. However, the true IoT revolution will come through leveraging the compounding capabilities of the “things” in an interoperable way transforming the way we think, act, and do business.What is needed in the current technology landscape is a unifying platform that will enable devices, systems, services, and people interoperate in multiple applications.

Synaisthisi IoT Platform is a high-availability, scalable, distributed and cloud-based platform that:

  • enables networked devices to easily interconnect through intuitive interfaces
  • allows humans, systems, and devices to create and manage services on-the-fly
  • enables businesses to increase their revenue from the development of new services and reuse of current assets
  • allows your applications to always follow your ongoing business needs

Synaisthisi has been designed from ground-up to be:

  • horizontally-scalable in order to support your actual ongoing needs
  • extensible to meet the growth of your business
  • operational with a handful of devices and up to thousands of devices with minimal configuration changes
  • friendly to the most popular open messaging APIs, accepting RESTful calls and MQTT-based clients
  • deployable in a distributed fashion over multiple Cloud Systems
  • versatile to custom application needs through the Service Builder requiring limited programming effort

Please visit our website and our public repository in GitHub, or contact us for more information!