Collaborative robots (cobots) can complement and support human effort in many tasks that cannot be automatized. Some of the benefits of Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) can be the increase of the production rate and the alleviation of human physical and mental fatigue.

At Roboskel, the robotics activity of SKEL Τhe AI Lab of NCSR Demokritos, we have set-up a HRC testbed that allows the integration and evaluation of AI methods in real-world and in real-time.

Currently, the testbed comprises a Universal Robots UR3 collaborative robot and an RGB-D camera that tracks the human collaborator’s movement; it supports the following services:

  1. Testing of teleoperation and common work-space scenarios
  2. Design of methods and data collection for the evaluation of collaborative tasks
  3. Integration of AI methods in the Robot Operating System
  4. Feasibility evaluation

Relevant sectors and applications include:

  • Manufacturing, e.g. assembly, finishing, material handling;
  • Inspection and Maintenance, e.g. remote inspection, handling of hazardous material;
  • Neurorobotics, e.g. upper limb rehabilitation.

Are you considering AI collaborative solutions? Do you want to “test-before-invest”? Just talk to us!


Watch the demos about Human-Robot Collaboration at Roboskel, NCSR Demokritos!