NCSR Demokritos is a coordinator of 5GPPP 5GENESIS and leader of the 5GENESIS Athens platform, which provides an integrated large-scale end-to-end testbed for the experimentation on 5G and future network technologies.

The testbed is openly accessible to the 5G community for real-life demonstration, validation and assessment of cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover a portable 5G system can be used for experimentation at remote sites.

The 5GENESIS Athens platform includes the following features:

  • Fully software-driven, multi-tenant and virtualisation-capable infrastructure
  • Micro servers integrated in each Small Cell, according to the SESAME and 5G-ESSENCE architectures for mobile edge services
  • SDN/NFV-based Management and Orchestration (MANO)
  • Extensive IT capacity (180 CPU cores, 1.5TB RAM)
  • Existing VNFs: vDPI, Security Appliances (Firewall, IDS), Network Monitor
  • Edge services: Transcoder, Video analysis (object recognition)
  • Radio front-end based on SDR platforms, fully reconfigurable
  • High-speed Internet connectivity (via GRNET/GEANT)
  • Fully configurable remote access (IPSec or SSL VPNs)
  • Measurement/test tools including oscilloscopes, signal/spectrum analysers, traffic monitoring tools (ntop, Prometheus, Apache Spot) and visualisation tools (Grafana)