Project Type: European
Project Status: Current
Application Domain: European Digital Innovation Hub - Technology: AI, HPC, Cybersecurity

Smart Health EDIH

smartHEALTH,  is the European Digital Innovation Hub on Precision Medicine and Innovative E-health Services, that brings together internationally leading expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing, and Key Enabling Technologies, to assist digital transformation and foster innovation in digital health.

Its flagship service areas are precision medicine, cancer, medical image analysis, public sector digital transformation and infrastructure. smartHEALTH is in alignment with the vision for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030, by supporting the four pillars of Europe’s Digital Compass: i) Skills, ii) Digital transformation of businesses, iii) digitalisation of public services and iv) secure and performance sustainable digital infrastructures, and The Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All.

Based in Crete, it has nodes in 8 of the 13 regions in Greece, that have been strategically selected as they exhibit major economic & entrepreneurial activity in digital health, and the largest part of the public sector. smartHEALTH offers an integrated set of: i) test before invest services to clients from the private and public sectors, ii) advanced digital skills development to the healthcare ecosystem, iii) support to find investments by triggering additional investments of €30M to SMEs and public organizations through public and private sources, and iv) ecosystem building and networking to create new collaborations between industry, academia, research, public sector & civil society. Specialized expertise for digital transformation will be offered in precision medicine, biomedical informatics, diagnostic imaging, telehealth, administrative automation & digitization, integrated healthcare, personalized care delivery, social care and welfare management. Within a wider EDIH network, smartHEALTH will foster collaborations and networking to offer clients access to innovation and outreach beyond the national borders.

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