Project Type: European
Project Status: Current
Application Domain: European Digital Innovation Hub - Technology: AI, HPC, Cybersecurity


Smart Attica Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a Greek European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) for Artificial Intelligence. The hub will operate in three critical business sectors of the Greek economy: Energy & Environment, Supply chain & Mobility, Culture & Tourism, in the Attica region. It focuses on the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public sector organisations and aims to advance their digital maturity.

The EDIH will offer four types of innovation services in the following categories: a) test before invest, b) innovation ecosystem and networking opportunities, c) skills and training and d) support to find investment. Smart Attica will provide the appropriate framework and expert guidance to the organisations, allowing them to apply new tools and innovative business models and assess the technical and business potential of their concepts. The services will build upon the Hub’s expertise on AI, supported by the HPC & Cybersecurity consortium’s know-how.

ahedd DIH, through its international collaborations with networks (e.g. EEN, DigitalSME Alliance, BDVA) and EU H2020 projects that federate DIHs (e.g. EUHubs4Data, DIH-World, DIH4CPS, DIH2), will support Smart Attica, enabling the beneficiaries to address the wider EU ecosystem and develop synergies. It will also provide supplementary services, access to new markets, even policy-making initiatives, which will empower the organisations and foster collaborations. Additionally, ahedd, as the leader of the transformation of the NCSR Demokritos campus into a 5G- and IoT-enabled smart city solutions testbed, will facilitate the stakeholders, providing its test-before-invest technology and services.

The consortium consists of 17 partners in Greece and is coordinated by ahedd, the Digital Innovation Hub of National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos. The expertise and the varying roles of the partners, guarantees the empowerment of the organisations, offering a full range of services coming from research and academia, private sector entrepreneurship, banking and finance sector, technology transfer, accelerators, public sector and local society representatives, as well as from a social change catalyst and national infrastructures.

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