Project Type: European
Project Status: Completed
Application Domain: Data Spaces for trusted data sharing - Technology: IoT
Website URL:

i4trust - Data Spaces for effective and trusted data sharing

i4Trust aims to support different players in the creation of Data Spaces by relying on common standard-based mechanisms for data interoperability, data value creation, as well as data sovereignty and trust. SMEs and DIHs – spanning across a wider variety of regions and sectors in Europe – have been invited to contribute with innovative experiments toward supporting a sustainable Data Economy. In total, the initiative will mobilise 5.8 million euros to boost data sharing and facilitate SME innovation capability through the creation of Data Spaces.

ahedd is participating in the AgriSpace4Trust experiment that will create data hubs to exploit data collected by weather stations or agro-environmental sensors and then, open them to a broader local community, enabling an effective and fair prosumption of data services.

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