A Robotics Application for Disinfection

2020 was a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted our world in many ways. Among the many measures adopted to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and to conform to guidelines is the disinfection of surfaces and rooms...

A Robotics Application in Agriculture

An important challenge in viticulture is the effective treatment application in steep slope vineyards; such vineyards account for 10% – 12% of European viticulture land area and produce some of the highest value wines. Current practices use...

Entering a new market using AI

A company of cosmetics and other personal care products was considering the scenario of entering a new market; manicure and pedicure services.

AI for monitoring infectious diseases in the public sphere

There is a tremendous amount of online communication - in news outlets and social media - regarding the various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic: medical, infrastructural, psychological, societal, cultural, etc. Such communication is diffic...

IBM Watson Cognitive Computing

It's widely known that IBM Watson is supplying a batch of tools for interacting with consumer and order control systems. Back in 2016, the website 1-800flowers.com introduced GWYN which is Gifts When You Need, this action stated by the busi...

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Extraordinary claims

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