ahedd’s ecosystem develops products and services in the following domains (indicatively):

  • Monitoring, evaluation, risk assessment.
    • Applications: Public sentiment detection, crises/opportunities identification, satisfaction measurement, open consultations analysis.
  • Communication management.
    • Applications: Impact assessment of news items or campaigns, speech analytics and emotion recognition.
  • Customer analysis and predictive sales optimisation. 
    • Applications: Personalised recommendations
  • Intelligent knowledge management.
    • Applications: Automated question answering & chatbots, content retrieval
  • Data management and enrichment.
    • Applications: Anonymisation, automated classification of documents, archives, videos, music, etc.
  • Information summarisation.
    • Applications: Document/comments/video/music summarisation, trend identification, decision support
  • Environment, energy, safety, security.
    • Applications: Smart cities/buildings, industrial automation, predictive maintenance, automatic surveillance etc.