November 23, 2020

Digital Transformation Saved $1 Million In 12 Months | The Case of Oakland

Digital transformation creates huge benefits for organizations and cities too. Smart cities or cities with better digital services can offer a lot more to their citizens.

Public services at the City of Oakland weren’t effective for residents. It’s a common case that ineffective services are more expensive too. The City of Oakland set an ambitious goal and achieved it.

This goal was to offer better services to make an impact on citizens’ daily lives and reduce costs at the same time. The means to achieve such a challenging goal was digital transformation.

Smart cities have more apps and digital services for their citizens. The City of Oakland administration knew this and had to address to an expert for digital solutions.

In a period of 12 months, 8 digital applications created. This digital inclusion gave better services for residents and $1 million in savings. Keep reading this post to learn more about the digital transformation at the City of Oakland.


The problem
The problem

Limitations Of Manual Procedures

The City of Oakland was exploiting outdated systems and manual procedures. Citizens had to leave their houses to go to an office to fill in the required forms.

In contrast, these people were using so many digital services and apps in their everyday lives. Digital services that were time-saving and improving their lives.

Time is a major limitation for all citizens in the modern times we live in. Oakland understood that and decided to make radical changes in serving residents.

The aim was citizens to have access to public services more conveniently. Oakland administration wanted to provide public services to citizens without them leaving their homes.

This wouldn’t be possible without the appropriate team of digital experts. The provider had to develop apps and provide some degree of digital transformation fast. These small wins would establish credibility and citizens would recognize the positive effect.

The solution
The solution

Smart Cities Are Always Online

The development of a single sign-on website to include citizen services. This portal includes apps that offer the following services to Oakland residents:

Rent Adjustment Program (RAP): Citizens report and oppose unfair raises in their rent.

Police Review Agency (CPRA): Citizens can complain and upload video files to report law officers.

Planning and Building Docs: Developers and contractors can upload and review all the necessary documentation for permissions.

Zoning Check: It is an easier way for residents to check zoning in a location where they plan to start a business.

Business Permits Check (BPC): A convenient way for citizens to check out the required permits for a new business idea.

Digital Transformation Benefits

With a single sign-on portal and 8 apps in a period of 12 months, the City of Oakland saved $1 million. Citizens are getting far better services and the city’s administration credibility was rebuilt.

The administration of Oakland now can allocate these savings to other projects. Projects that could further enhance the residents’ living in several other aspects.

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