Transforming your Business with AI


This personalised hands-on workshop is addressed to companies that have already built AI skills and/or implemented AI projects and wish to build or revisit their roadmap



  1. Identify needs and define business goals 
  2. Describe and discuss alternative use cases

Getting the Specs 

  1. Current state
  2. Aim
  3. Main stakeholders
  4. Required data and data collection/annotation
  5. Evaluation metrics and success factors

Exploring Avenues of Action

  1. Suggested approaches
  2. Main risks
  3. Revisit the evaluation metrics and success factors

Building the AI Roadmap

  1. Revisit the suggested solutions
  2. Form a roadmap

What you will take away

  • A tailor-made AI roadmap
    We co-create a tailor-made plan for implementing AI in your company.  
  • Outline of the first 1-2 projects for further development
    The company brings in identified needs. We help in defining the 1-2 quick-win and value-generating projects that address those needs with the use of AI. 
  • A certificate of attendance