AI Foundations

Skills you will develop

The participants of this program will gain the knowledge and skillset, allowing them to:

  • Explain important AI concepts, terms & tasks
  • Have a common language and understanding of AI across teams & disciplines
  • Identify AI Applications and potential Use Cases


Building the AI vocabulary

  1. What is AI? What is not AI? What can AI do for you?
    1. AI and related terms
    2. Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Data Analytics, …
    3. AI tasks 

Exploring AI applications

  1. Applications, Use Cases and Discussion  
    1. Monitoring, evaluation risk assessment
    2. Communication management
    3. Customer analysis & predictive sales optimization
    4. Intelligent knowledge management
    5. Data management and enrichment
    6. Information summarization
    7. other…

Identifying AI opportunities in your Company/Organisation (Hands-on)

  1. Enhancing existing or providing new products/services with AI 

What you will take away

  • A certificate of attendance