Our Team

The ahedd Digital Innovation Hub is an ecosystem of research organizations and SMEs that have the know-how in digital transformation in order to provide customized solutions and training to their regional community. ahedd’s founding members, presented below, have  high expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data management and analytics, Business Intelligence, IoT solutions, Data journalism, Assistive technologies, Precision medicine, Security, Cultural technologies, e-Governance and e-Infrastructures.

NCSR “Demokritos”

The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR “Demokritos”) is the largest multidisciplinary research center in Greece, with critical mass in expertise and infrastructure in the fields of Informatics and Telecommunications, Nanotechnology, Energy & Environment, Biosciences, Particle and Nuclear Science. NCSR “Demokritos” promotes technology transfer and innovation to SMEs developing and implementing a series of programs and actions towards this direction.

NCSR “Demokritos” has established strong links with the industry via its collaboration with industrial stakeholders in various projects and initiatives. One of the success stories of this collaboration is the Industrial Fellowship Program funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation which aims to strengthen technology transfer between NCSR and large companies operating in Greece, ready to invest in innovative R&D projects. Currently, seventy companies are collaborating with NCSR Demokritos under the Program in order to develop new technology-advanced industrial products and technologies.

Lefkippos Attica Technology Park

One of the successful initiatives of NCSR Demokritos, started in 1992, is the Technological Park of Attica “Lefkippos”  that acts as an incubator and accelerator for SMEs providing research-based products and services. Lefkippos is currently hosting 30 SMEs with expertise in fields such as materials, ICT, environment and biosciences. According to a recent study, the majority of the companies established in Lefkippos have increased significantly their revenue due to the services provided from the incubator and their collaboration with the researchers of NCSR Demokritos. Adding to the successful results of Lefkippos, Tesla Inc. has decided to host its Greek subsidiary (Tesla Greece) in “Lefkippos” in order to advance its research on electric cars and develop new collaborations in European Level.

Future Intelligence (FINT)

Future Intelligence (FINT) is a Greek SME specialized in Information & Communication technologies (ICT) head-quartered in NCSR Demokritos’ Technological and Scientific Park “Lefkippos” since 2009. It is the leading manufacturer of IoT systems in Greece and a workplace of highly specialized researchers and engineers.

The company’s objective is to build an IoT service-ecosystem that expands horizontally by fulfilling additional to initially envisioned business needs and vertically by addressing new markets. FINT technologies provide a playground for vendors, OEMs and programmers and a safe digital harbor for end-users. Thus, the team’s soft skills fits its technological forefront to customers’ day-to-day activities and business as usual processes. In short, FINT’s fields of business focus on

  • Data Acquisition, Wireless communications and Sensor networks
  • Long range communications
  • Smart Surveillance services
  • Data Centers’ Acceleration
  • Dedicated Services related to the Aviation Industry
  • Custom Business-to-Business R&D services