Strategic Directions

ahedd adopts the Quadruple Helix model for networking, collaboration and co-creation. By bringing together multidisciplinary stakeholders (government, industry, academia, and civil society) across different levels (local, regional, national, European and international), ahedd facilitates the creation/co-creation of shared value, that benefits all participants in its digital innovation ecosystem.

Collaboration is central in the ahedd’s strategic activities, which are centred around the development, orchestration and sustainment of a value creating, open digital innovation ecosystem that is cross-thematic (AI, Big Data Management, IoT) and seeks to maximise cross-dimensional, strategic impact.

Collaboration and co-creation is astrategic value creation mechanismfor ahedd; and one of its core values, that is embedded across all four strategic directions that aim to generate value added across the broader big data, AI and IoT value chains.