Smart Cities

The planet’s population is moving to big urban centers and cities need to adjust their municipal services to cover an increasing number of citizens-customers. In order to do so and since resources are not abundant, they have to wisely (sic) spread city’s and personnel’s resources. What once called wisdom, it is now re-phrased to “smart”; however, both norms emphasize on the information availability one has to take certain decision. Thus, from an ahedd perspective, smart means data-based: local/ regional authorities need to have real-time sources to plan ahead (predictive analytics) or dynamically alter its network of facilities that cover transportation, water distribution, street lighting, energy distribution, and/or public spaces’ systems. Cities now ask for highly efficient sustainable, as well as financially viable IoT and BigData solutions in order to create social wellbeing.

Within ahedd there is existing expertise on how to design advanced interrelated systems of hardware and software components that can directly communicate with each other and self-response their state to their operator. Moreover, relevant data exploitation drive processes’ optimisation through early warning or predictive actions, alarms and notifications while rules imposed by the systems’ operator guarantee certain level of services’ responsiveness.

ahedd solutions’ portfolio include an IoT platform that host value-added service like:

  • Smart street lighting
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Landscape irrigation
  • Geo-localized and time-stamped content provision.

Relevant Market Sectors

  • Cities/ Neighborhoods/ Regions
  • Schools
  • Parks (public/ private)

Actions & Services

  •  Sensor and Peripheral design
  • Hardware and Software Engineering
  • Assembly
  • Programming
  • Quality control
  • Operational testing

Business Partners

  • Campus of NCSR Demokritos
  • Athens Municipality
  • Eurodrip S.A.
  • TEI of Crete