Personal skills development

The Hub’s expertise and technical innovation can be traced through the large number of related initiatives and publicly available services, such as:

  • Soft skills development
  • Digital skills development
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops and training sessions

Service Examples in Personal Skills Development

NCSR, through the activities of its Innovation Office and the collaboration of its Institutes with the industry, has a continuous presence in relevant events and programmes. Some indicative recent actions are:

  • One day seminar for technology transfer and IPRs (more)
  • Two day seminar for H2020 proposal writing (more)
  • The 3-day AI School for Business October 2017, where we trained SMEs on how to use AI to boost business results
  • Long-term support and collaboration with the SciFY Academy, dedicated to the training of SMEs on Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills. In 2017 alone, 600+ people attended 10 seminars.