Intelligent Data Management and IoT services

Data management and analytics services

The Hub’s expertise and technical innovation can be traced through the large number of related initiatives and publicly available services, such as:

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Opinion mining
  • Business intelligence
  • Text analytics
  • Multilingual, multidocument summarisation
  • Multimodal information processing
  • Big Data analytics

Service examples in Data Management and Analytics

  • YourDataStories platform:  It helps make sense of open and social data. It answers your specific question by turning data into the substrate for stories that human beings can comprehend and act upon. YDS addresses professionals in government, public administration, business, and journalism, but it is also made for citizens.
  • gov.insight: The platform analyses and processes government data related to open consultations.
  • Google DNI Storybot: An integrated platform for automated news production and presentation exploiting technologies for the collection and aggregation of web content (including content from social media) in real time for each topic of interest, highlighting basic entities from each story, to allow journalists to combine and edit content from various sources into a single story.
  • Google DNI Open Journalism: OpJ aims to strengthen the re-usability of open data by journalists through the following toolkit: (a) Company name matching and advanced search in public procurement, (b) 1-click provenance to original data source and (c) News enrichment through data tags.
  • Purebills platform: integration of business document image analysis tools for the recognition of invoices and receipts. The company also founded a research branch in Greece, dedicated to relevant technologies and managed by researchers affiliated with NCSR.

IoT Services

The Hub’s expertise and technical innovation can be traced through the large number of related initiatives and publicly available services, such as:

  • Development of custom IoT applications using embedded systems, wireless data transmission, cloud computing and lightweight analytics
  • Surveillance services by using cameras and sensors backed by cloud computing infrastructure
  • net-FPGAs based computing architectures for the acceleration of the Data Centers’ performance
  • Network Management and Remote Control of Unmanned Vehicles based on 4th generation wireless networks

Service examples in IoT

  • A full suite of hardware and software modules (IoT nodes and gateways) that acquire and wirelessly transmit sensor data related to Monitoring and Evaluation of Smart Street Lighting performance, Smart Farming, Smart Water and other industries.
  • A Cloud-based, portable platform that accelerates computing, network and storage resources by embedding intelligent camera’s analytic algorithms and sending machine-learning events when a petty crime is detected.
  • IoT devices, networked sensors and a data-marketplace that can is used by Agrifood’s multi-stakeholder community.
  • A smart irrigation system scheduler and controller to optimize landscape and agriculture watering
  • A traceability and transparency platform for the food supply chain.
  • An IoT platform to optimize the economic and environmental footprint of the organic residues’ anaerobic digestion units, through the automated, functional solar drying units’ integration, which will allow the maximization of the available waste’s utilization and the digestate’s utilization.
  • Smart Farming services for the Internet of Food and Farms 2020to optimize on- and post-farm processes and engage consumers in food safety issues.