Food & Agriculture

Agriculture is both a major industry and foundation of the economy. Despite significant pressure posed by the economic crisis, thee agricultural sector remains an important sector of economic activity and employment for the country. Exports of agricultural and associated products account for approximately one third of total exports, with the sector contributing 4.1% of the total GDP.

Currently, agricultural productivity in Greece is relatively low compared to other EU member states. As agricultural production is characterised by the dominance of small farms and low capital investment, as well as a high percentage of utilisation of mountainous or semi-mountainous areas (43%), certain challenges are met when applying modern farming practices that target efficiency and economy of scale.

Consequently, more innovative approaches for protecting and improving crop yield are needed, with AI steadily emerging as a solution for the technical evolution of the industry. Technologies like agricultural robotics, crop and soil monitoring methodologies and predictive analytics will be crucial for the future of agriculture and will contribute to both economic growth and broader challenges like food security and climate change.

AHEDD can provide the core technologies for achieving significant advancements to agricultural practices and the businesses depending on agricultural production. It brings high expertise and experience on technologies like in-field sensing and monitoring, agricultural data analytics, process optimisation and robot navigation, which can be readily applied in the sector. Moreover, analytics solutions developed by NCSR-D can be refined and specialised for agriculture and contribute to the optimisation of banking and insurance processes for the domain.

To add, AHEDD via FINT technologies, is part of the biggest EU Research and Development project in IoT for Agrifood (IoF2020) in which the company will provide on-farm services and a digital ecosystem for post farm activities that will reach the final consumer. Last, FINT also provides its IoT expertise to the newly established PRIMA initiative as it is core partner of the MEDITOMATO project.

Relevant Market Sectors

  • Crop & Livestock Primary Production
  • Food Processing
  • Bioproducts
  • Retailers
  • Agricultural Certification
  • Agricultural Banking & Insurance

Actions & Services

  • Sensor installation design
  • IoT monitoring
  • Drone Analytics
  • Big Data Management & Analytics
  • Farm Automation

Business Partners

  • Artemis: Artemis – Aerosurvey is an engineering consulting company specialised on environmental research, support and monitoring of technical infrastructure using cutting edge technology. Artemis invests significant funds in highly innovative equipment for aerial mapping and remote sensing in order to monitor structures and phenomena.
  • SCiO: SCiO was founded by experienced researchers and aims to exploit state-of-the-art research results in Big Data Analysis to provide innovative, world-leading, bespoke services that morph data into meaningful answers. Its solutions cover multiple critical use cases of the sector like Crop and Land Monitoring, Yield Prediction and Risk Assessment.
  • TÜV Austria Hellas
  • Ecoktima
  • RealFarm