Data Incubator

Direct access to data

ahedd can provide access to free open data, such as: open social data (via social web observatory and the ahedd Data Observatory) as well as open public data (e.g., Greek public sector data via YourDataStories platform). Additionally, access is provided to NCSR-D Data Repositories:

  • 5G Technologies test-bed: an end-to-end experimental 5G Facility (Athens5Glink), comprising a large scale open 5G Platform, showcasing features of next generation networks, with particular focus on software network technologies (NFV and SDN) and edge computing for small cell deployments. The network is available for demonstrating the benefits of 5G to citizens, but also for enterprises which want to test and demonstrate innovative services and applications over 5G.
  • A multi-sensor data collection and aggregation platform, covering the entire NCSR campus: The platform is able to collect data from a variety of sensors, which then can be used from researchers and enterprises to build and assess innovative products and solutions.
  • Antenna measurement: The antenna measurement facilities include an RF shielded anechoic chamber, which is a unique measurement infrastructure in Greece. The anechoic chamber is currently used for the determination of antenna characteristics This infrastructure is used for the provision of specialised services directed to research institutes and companies involved in the design, development, testing and support in any type of wireless networks.
  • Cultural content management services: ahedd provides a variety of tools and services for the digitization, processing and exploitation of cultural content. These include OCR services for historical documents, tools for designing and organizing virtual tours, augmented reality applications and personalization features for on-site visits, etc.

Data Analytics

ahedd’s data incubator provides of a variety of free tools that can be used for data exploration and experimentation purposes. These tools range from free and open source tools, as well as tools developed by NCSR-D.

Training Services

ahedd provides a variety of “free” training services that relate to Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence as well as emerging themes across these areas. An indicative list of these activities includes: the joint MSc program on Data Science, the SciFy Academy, Series of specialised seminars in the area (e.g., AI & Nanotechnology Seminars conducted during 1st Quarter of 2019), reports (technical and business reports), etc.). In addition, “fee-based” training services for companies and public sector organisations are offered.

Experimentation Services

ahedd provides a variety of experimentation activities aiming to spur data-driven experimentation and innovation. For example, via the ahedd Data Observatory individual, academic and corporate users (user-driven) are empowered to search, explore, experiment, analyse and uncover new data-driven insights, data-driven ideas (data-driven) related to core themes of the ahedd digital innovation hub, such as Big Data, AI, IoT. Demokritos also provides specialised testbeds, such as the Syntelesis IoT platform, that can be utilised for experimentation purposes.