Data incubation

Driven by the experience and expertise of its members in data management and processing technologies, ahedd offers various data incubation services to interested parties and collaborators:

  • Data Observatory services: (a) the ahedd Data Observatory; (b) Social Web Observatory.
  • Direct access to Data: free open data & open public data (& NCSR-D Data Repositories).
  • Data-services: data governance, data privacy, & data protection services
  • Data Analytics: free tools for data exploration & experimentation (free & open source tools& NCSR-D developed tools).
  • Training services:numerous “free” trainings on Big Data, IoT & AI (e.g: joint MSc on Data Science, SciFy Academy, specialised seminars (AI & Nanotechnology Seminars, Q1 2019), reports (technical & business reports)). Various “fee-based” training services for companies & public sector.
  • Experimentation services:aiming to spur data-driven experimentation & innovation for individuals, academic & corporate users. NCSR-D also provides specialised testbeds, such as the IoT platforms and 5G testbeds, available for experimentation.