Considered the “heavy industry” of the country, tourism and especially cultural tourism is a sector that brings considerable business opportunities and challenges. The rich historical heritage of Greece, while a magnet for visitors of different cultures and origins, is currently represented in ways that do not take advantage of the ongoing digital redefinition of museums for the digital age.

On the one hand, there is the pragmatic need to appeal to modern audiences, accustomed to being surrounded by technology and familiar with interactive experiences. On the other hand, there are important cultural and aesthetic motivating factors for introducing digital technologies in museologic practices, as ICT can be used to extend both the breadth and depth of cultural exhibitions.

NCSR-D’s expertise starts from the ground level of the digitisation of historical manuscripts, via the application of advanced OCR technologies that recognise old manuscripts and are able to intelligently correct and fill-in content that has been destroyed due to the age and handling of the manuscript.

Additionally the Hub’s founders have significant expertise in the design and development of virtual touring environments for archaeological sites, providing the technical foundation for the organisation of intelligent, immersive tours. NCSR-D’s research on the field has produced important results like the Virtual reconstruction and touring guide for the Knossos Minoan palace.

Moreover, the hub is involved in projects and initiatives that aim to morph in-person museum visits, by augmenting artefacts with dynamic, personalised information and even building digital artefacts that embed moral, artistic and cultural characteristics of different historic eras and connect them with today’s world and its values. An important initiative towards this direction is the House of Hellenic Ideas that aspires to propose and implement an innovative approach to presenting the works of Greek philosophers for modern audiences.

Relevant Market Sectors

  • Museums
  • Public Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Exhibition Curators

Actions & Services

  • Virtual tour design
  • Cultural Content annotation and enrichment
  • Content Curation and organisation